The history behind the Golden Man

It was in 1929 that the very first Oscar was presented to Emil Jennings by the newly formed Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. When he was handed the very first gold statue that is now an icon synonymous with the silver screen would he have thought that over 85 years later they would be one of the most widely coveted awards in the motion picture industry? Emil Jennings was awarded his Oscar for Best Actor due to his stand out performances in “The Last Command” and “The Ways of All Flesh”, both of which were silent movies so chi social expressions must have been quite something!

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Sequels we are on the edge of our seats for

With the sequel to Blade Runner sweeping up the Academy Awards on Sunday night, we can see that sequels are an inevitable truth of filmmaking today. The budgets are larger and the stakes are higher for a sequel, this means that the hype and marketing machines will be working overtime to ensure they get me in a seat. For the right franchise, there are millions of us who will get to the theatre and love every second. With the runaway success of the Marvel universe film franchise, we can be sure there will be imitators. Below, I’ve compiled a list of a few of the 100+ sequels in pre-production at the moment. Get your schedule book out now!

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Cinema experiences with glitz and glam

When you were 12 heading out to the local multiplex with a gaggle of friends was the epitome of cool and sophistication, all the more so if you were to forgo the electric blue frosty drink/ice slushy for a much more refined tiny tub of Hagen-Das ice cream. There seems to be a couple of universal traits that all multiplex cinemas of a certain size share, regardless of what company owns them or what time frame you visited as long as it was between 1990 and now.

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British TV Americans can’t get enough of

There are an awful lot of television shows being exported to the US at the moment, surprising as US audiences have shunned British entertainment for a long time. The occasional success of a film like Kinky Boots, Trainspotting, and Secrets and Lies, notwithstanding, British television has not been a hit in the US market since the days of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. But some things have captured the imagination of the US viewing public these past few years. Even with the massive expansion of television in the US in recent years, the high quality of British programming has meant expansion into that market as well.

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