Amazing Film locations to visit IRL

British TV and film is a booming industry and with no shortage of amazing skylines, impressive buildings and stunning scenery it is no surprise that many of your favourite silver screen moments can be visited in real life.

Doctor Who

Since its reboot in 2005 BBC Wales, and Cardiff specifically, has been home to the Doctor Who and it’s spin-off Torchwood. There are a number of tours that you can take throughout the city that will put you directly in the footsteps of the Doctor and his various companions. Not only will you see popular sites like the Water Tower of the Cardiff Millennium Centre A.K.A the emergency exit to Torchwood’s base of operations, The Hub. Not only are there walking tours but a bus tour will also take you out further afield locations. As viewers of Doctor Who will know, many different times and locations are featured in the program, the tour will also give insight into how 21st Century Wales is made to look like Manhattan, Shakespearean London, alien worlds and more.

Downtown Abbey

When Downtown Abbey first hit the screen in 2010 it immediately became a firm favourite, chronicling the ups and downs of the Crawley family and their staff on the fictional Downtown Abbey Estate in Yorkshire. Set between 1912 and 1926 the 6 series covers events such as the sinking of the Titanic to the rise and growth of the middle class as times change.

Highclere Castle is located 67 miles west of the centre of London and was used for both interior exterior shots of the families main home. The village of Bampton in Oxfordshire stands in for many of the other exterior scenes with fans of the series being able to visit the church of St Michale of all Angeles (St. Mary the Virgin Church in real life), Bampton Library that was used as Downton Cottage Hospital and also Churchgate House which was used as Isobel Crawley’s home. A 50 minute car ride will take you between Highclere Castle and the Village of Bampton and there are also a number of organised coach tours that will pick you up in London and tour you through the locations used throughout the series.


The countryside of Scotland has featured in multiple movies and tv shows but few have made such varied use of it as the Outlander TV series. Filming locations crisscross the Scottish countryside to such an extent that a visit to the 28 sites list don the Visit Scotland website would easily give you a fairly comprehensive tour of the entire country! If sweeping views and expose moors are not in your comfort level do not fear a number of country houses and castles are also featured on the show, Callendar House, Linlithgow Palace and Tibbermore Church to name just a few all offer indoor experiences if the weather should turn suitably Scottish.

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