Cinema experiences with glitz and glam

When you were 12 heading out to the local multiplex with a gaggle of friends was the epitome of cool and sophistication, all the more so if you were to forgo the electric blue frosty drink/ice slushy for a much more refined tiny tub of Hagen-Das ice cream. There seems to be a couple of universal traits that all multiplex cinemas of a certain size share, regardless of what company owns them or what time frame you visited as long as it was between 1990 and now.

There is always at least a handful of arcade style games tucked into a corner somewhere, usually with a variety of neon tube light fixtures that signify just how cool and with it this particular area is. There is an endless sea of industrial grade carpet that somehow manages to be both the stickiest and slippiest floor covering known to humankind. Food concessions seem to top out at microwaved nachos and popcorn the says fresh popped but is dumped into the machine from bin bags. Lastly there is the screen themselves, located down a vast dark corridor of LED signs, they are usually vast and somewhat soulless rooms with scratchy seats that squeak awkwardly.

Heading to the cinema now you may be after a slightly different experience than the multiplexes of your youth and unless your date is especially keen for that bright blue frozen concoction you may want to consider a luxury cinema experience instead. Once an unusual find there are more and more luxury cinemas popping up all across the country, so much so that the multiplexes are even starting to get in on the act!

What makes for a luxurious cinematic experience?  A common theme across the board seems to be access to good quality food and beverages and the ability to stretch out and relax in your seat (or sofa). Replacing the uncomfortable chairs with luxurious leather recliners or 2 seater sofas in conjunction with reducing the size of the screening room has given cinema a more cosy and immersive feel. Check out this video about Cineworld’s reclining chairs.

Not having to crane your neck to stare up at an enormous screen also makes the experience more pleasant. Table service to your seat before and during the movie is also available, delivered by ninja-like trained staff who know how to stay out of sight lines.

Many luxury cinemas also expand on what traditional cinemas show with more art house, international and documentaries begin shown. Special events with filmmakers are also not uncommon.

Find out if there is a more luxurious cinema experience available in your area by paying close attention to both your nearest independent cinema and researching what the large cinema chains now offer

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