Sequels we are on the edge of our seats for

With the sequel to Blade Runner sweeping up the Academy Awards on Sunday night, we can see that sequels are an inevitable truth of filmmaking today. The budgets are larger and the stakes are higher for a sequel, this means that the hype and marketing machines will be working overtime to ensure they get me in a seat. For the right franchise, there are millions of us who will get to the theatre and love every second. With the runaway success of the Marvel universe film franchise, we can be sure there will be imitators. Below, I’ve compiled a list of a few of the 100+ sequels in pre-production at the moment. Get your schedule book out now!

Slated for release in 2020, Avatar 2 is vying to be the largest budget film franchise in history with a staggering billion dollars allocated for the 4 sequels spanning up to ten years into the future.  Avatar pulled in $1.36 billion dollars with an investment of $237 million. The risk is large for these films, but the return on investment is likely to be the largest in history.

National Treasure 3 revives the Nicolas Cage historical adventure series, with what is likely to be a hit. Family friendly, action adventure films are few and far between, but the two previous films of the series, are beloved by young and old.

Incredibles 2 also fits into the same category of family friendly entertainment, but the powers of each member in the family of superheroes in The Incredibles sets them apart from your run of the mill car chase flick. The strong man dad and super-stretchy mum, have to corral and empower their super family. Drawing on the real struggles of family life and love, the story immediately draws you in. I for one am more excited for The Incredibles 2 than any other sequel in the works.

Hancock 2 and I Robot 2 are both in pre-production. These two films both star the brilliant and charismatic Will Smith in two of his most iconic roles. In Hancock, Will plays a super powered man down on his luck, disillusioned with his place in the world, he lives on the street and develops a rather severe personality. Through trials and heartache Hancock finds his inner strength to protect those he cares about. I, Robot 2 will have more of Isaac Asimov classic series to draw from. With several books of stories to pull from, it is exciting to wonder where the next instalment will go.

Legend of Conan is another incredibly interesting project in pre-production at the moment because it stars one of the biggest stars of the film screen. Both literally and figuratively, Arnold Schwarzenegger is larger than life. Having had a bumpy return to Hollywood life after his stint as Governor of California, Arnie is ready to reprise his role as the iconic strongman of legend, almost 35 years after the last Conan film was made. I’m looking forward to seeing who will take up the mantle of Conan next.

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